Recruitment Perspective

Microfinance Institution CEP always pays attention to recruitment to ensure the quality of human resources for the institution. CEP creates favorable conditions for new graduates and candidates to have the opportunity to participate in research and apprenticeship at branches to understand the basics of the nature and working environment at CEP. From there, you have an assessment and recognition of your suitability and determination, and commitment to stick with the organization when applying for CEP.

CEP opens opportunities for all candidates who meet the criteria of professional qualifications, have a passion for community activities, have values that are close to CEP's core values, are passionate about serving poor workers, and people with low income, and the desire to contribute efforts for the benefit of the community.

Recruitment Process

Potential Intern Recruitment Process:

For graduates, and about to graduate

Candidates will go through 2 rounds of exams:

  • Profile selection round
  • Interview round.

For candidates who have not been recruited in the new employee recruitment round

The recruitment committee will discuss directly with each candidate who has not been selected to participate in the CEP Internship program.

New Employee Recruitment Process

Profile selection round

Candidate profiles are selected in accordance with the recruitment needs of each locality and meet the requirements and criteria of each position.

Candidate information exchange round

CEP arranges a meeting to exchange information and answer questions with candidates. Simultaneously, candidates will be able to register and learn about actual operations at the branch for at least 1 week, before conducting the pre-qualification round.

Pre-qualification round

CEP conducts group interviews, tests of intelligence quotient, and foreign languages for some required positions.

Formal interview round

The recruitment committee interviews each candidate and selects candidates who meet the requirements, in accordance with the CEP culture.

Recruiting News

Available Positions

We do not have any available positions at this time. Leave your email here and we will inform you when there is.

Application Requirements

Candidates when applying for positions at CEP, enter recruitment information on the CEP website and submit a paper application consisting of documents arranged in the following order:

  • Candidate information sheet (according to form).
  • Application form.
  • Curriculum Vitae (certified).
  • Copies of qualifications, certificates, or other documents showing the candidate's qualifications and professional ability.
  • Copy of household registration book/ Temporary residence registration certificate; Identity card/Citizen identity card.
  • Health certificate (No more than 06 months from the time of application).
  • 02 3x4 photos (No more than 06 months from the time of application).
  • A copy of the decision to resign at the nearest working unit (if any).