At CEP, we are forged in challenges, trained, and committed to the joint mission of our organization. We have a high sense of responsibility, dedication, dynamism, creativity, and solidarity in satisfying low-income workers and laborers. Our staff is the most precious resource, each member plays a unique role in contributing to the complete success of CEP.

CEP Leaders

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    Mr. Hoang Van Thanh

    Chairman of the Members' Council

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    Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Van

    General Director

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    Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat

    Deputy general director

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    Ms. Phan Thi Kim Lan

    Deputy general director

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    Mr. Le Vo Tan Luy

    Deputy general director

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    Mr. Vo Van Khang

    Board of supervisors

1. District 6 Branch

2. District 8 Branch

3. Dong Sai Gon Branch

4. District 10 Branch

5. District 12 Branch

6. Ben Nghe Branch

7. Binh Chanh Branch

8. Binh Tan Branch

9. Binh Thanh Branch

10. Can Gio Branch

11. Cu Chi Branch

12. Go Vap Branch

13. Hoc Mon Branch

14. Nha Be Branch

15. Tan Phu Branch

16. Trung An Branch

17. Thu Duc Branch

18. Bien Hoa Branch

19. Bien Hoa Dong Branch

20. Long Thanh Branch

21. Nhon Trach Branch

22. Trang Bom Branch

23. Can Duoc Branch

24. Duc Hoa Branch

25. Tan An Branch

26. Ben Luc Branch

27. Cao Lanh Branch

28. Sa Dec Branch

29. Thu Dau Mot Branch

30. Thuan An Branch

31. Ben Tre Branch

32. Vinh Long Branch

33. Tay Ninh Branch

34. Chau Thanh Branch

35. My Tho Branch

36. Long Xuyen Branch

Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor

Board of Supervisors (BOS)

Supervises the implementation of internal audit, controls, and evaluates compliance with the provisions of laws, internal regulations, the charter of operation, and resolutions of Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor and the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors (BOD)

Is the administrative level of CEP Microfinance Institution, responsible for developing the orientation on the operation of CEP, supervising and inspecting CEP's activities to ensure in accordance with the provisions of the law, the charter of CEP, the regulations of Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor, the Board of Directors and other internal regulations. There are 2 committees supporting BOD’s activities: Human Resource Management Committee and Risk Management Committee.

Risk Management Committee

Human Resource Management Committee

General Director (GD)

Appointed by Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor and approved by the State Bank of Vietnam, is the legal representative and the highest executive officer of CEP, responsible to the Board of Directors, and Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor on the practice of their rights and obligations. GD manages and decides all issues related to the work and daily activities of CEP in accordance with the provisions of law, the charter of the organization, and resolutions of GD; directly in charge of human resources, administration, training, community development, and external relations activities.

Deputy General Director (DGD)

Appointed by Ho Chi Minh City’s Confederation of Labor at the proposal of the General Director. The DGD is assigned or authorized by the General Director to manage and operate a number of areas under the competence of the General Director and is responsible to the General Director, the Board of Directors, and the Law for the assigned work.
- Deputy General Director in charge of loans, deposits, and information technology activities: authorized by the General Director to be in charge of managing loans, deposit products, and information technology activities of CEP. On behalf of the General Director, manage all activities of CEP in the absence of the General Director.
- Deputy General Director in charge of financial - accounting activities: authorized by the General Director to be in charge of financial - accounting activities of CEP.

Internal Audit Department (IAD)

Is responsible for checking and monitoring compliance with regulations, policies, procedures, internal processes, and legal provisions at the units and departments. Independently and objectively reviewing and evaluating the adequacy, suitability, effectiveness, and efficiency of the internal control system in order to improve and optimize the internal control system.

Credit Management Department (CMD)

Is responsible for organizing and implementing credit activities throughout the CEP system; advising on the development and implementation of policies and regulations on credit activities in accordance with the provisions of law; effectively utilizing the resources, assets, and capital of the institution in accordance with the CEP's regulations. Simultaneously, the Credit Management Department participates in training, coaching, and guiding credit operations for the credit staff throughout the system.

The Finance and Accounting Department (FAD)

Is responsible for organizing, and supervising financial and accounting activities; ensuring the implementation of financial-accounting policies, regulations, and plans; effectively utilizing the capital of the institution in accordance with the CEP's regulations and the provisions of law. The Department also participates in the training, coaching, and guiding of financial, accounting, and cashier operations throughout the system.

Human Resource & Administrative Management Department (HRD)

Is responsible for advising the General Director in planning, recruiting, and effectively using human resources, structure, and operation of CEP; advice on the development, organization, and supervision of the implementation of policies and regulations on salary - welfare, assessment, reward and discipline for staff; organize the implementation of administrative work, archive documents at the Head Office and guide, supervise the implementation at branches.

Training and Non-Credit Department (TND)

Is responsible for organizing and coordinating training activities, community development programs, and communication activities of the institution within the assigned scope; advises the General Director in policies, planning, and managing training, community development, and marketing activities.

Information Technology Department (IT Department)

Is responsible for advising and assisting the General Director in planning, building, and developing a secure information technology system, effectively meeting the usage needs of CEP; effectively operating and utilizing, ensuring the safety and security of CEP's information system; support and guide users in the effective use of tools and information systems. The Department also participates in organizing and developing information technology policies and application software for CEP's professional work.

36 branches

CEP staff are trained in professional areas such as credit, savings, finance, accounting, and cashing according to each position; equipped with soft skills to ensure safety and increase professional efficiencies such as leadership and management skills, effective work management, negotiation, communication and presentation skills as well as skills in using software and applications to support work and defense skills. In addition, CEP also encourages and motivates employees to show their passion and creativity through training programs on promotion, filming, photography, program hosting, graphic design, etc. Training activities at CEP are organized in a variety of forms: classroom, e-learning, learning and sharing practical experiences, professional seminars, and contests.

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Every 6 months and all year, the Head Office and CEP branches vote for the most outstanding and typical individuals with outstanding achievements or initiatives, or with great efforts, contributing to the development of the branch/department. Appreciated by the Board of Directors. These are the most typical "bees", responsible, industrious, always making efforts, being creative in their work, and contributing effectively to the success of the institution.

In addition, every year, the CEP branch selects outstanding individuals who excel in a number of areas of operations at the branch such as customer development, savings, and term deposits, money mobilization. reduce overdue debt, develop the community, and staff actively helping to change the lives of customers.

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Towards the annual anniversary of the establishment of CEP (November 2, 1991), CEP Microfinance Institution organizes competitions to create a learning environment, encourage employees to uphold their sense of responsibility, increase creativity and efficiency at work, and at the same time recognize the positive contributions of CEP staff.

“Creative CEP Soldiers”

In 2022, CEP Microfinance Institution organizes the "Creative CEP Soldier" to promote creativity and to timely recognize, and encourage CEP staff who have improved the efficiency in customer service activities for poor workers. At the same time, through the program, CEP has summarized, replicated, and applied effective practices, and contributed to solving the main difficulties of the branch and the system, successfully completed the tasks and goals of CEP. The program has received a positive response to participate in 82 topics registered by collectives and individuals of CEP staff.

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"Distance Self-study - Effective application"

In order to strengthen the capacity of the staff in reading, understanding and effectively applying CEP's regulations and policies into work practice, improve self-discipline and proactively comply with regulations and policies of employees, limit arising risks; at the same time, timely recognize, encourage and motivate CEP staff to make efforts, unite and actively build "CEP is a learning organization", CEP Microfinance Institution organizes the program " Distance self-study – Effective application” in 2022. The program is held from April 2022 to December 2022.

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Typical Credit Staff Contest

Continuing to carry out the "Study and follow the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh" of the CEP staff who wholeheartedly in serving the poor workers; At the same time, towards the 30th anniversary of the establishment of CEP Microfinance Institution, CEP organized the contest "Typical Credit Staff in 2021"; thereby recognizing and exemplifying the positive and silent contributions of the dedicated and dedicated team of CEP credit officers in their work; encourage staff to uphold the sense of responsibility, efficiency, creativity, and persistent efforts, empathize with the poor.

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“CEP in me”

Through the contest, CEP wishes to cultivate pride in CEP staff and collaborators, and cluster leaders about the unique meaning of work; motivate and encourage staff, collaborators, and cluster leaders to perform their roles and tasks well and contribute to improving service quality in serving poor workers.

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