Community Development Program

CEP - Love Sharing

Along with credit activities, CEP always focuses on promoting community development activities through the program “CEP – Love Sharing” to support customer households to effectively use loans, improve capacity, overcome difficulties, and improve sustainable well-being. Community development activities are a core part of CEP activities. Since 2008, CEP has supported 1,404,753 customers with a total budget of 235 billion VND.

Funds used for community development activities are formed from CEP’s operating budget and from sponsors from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.

Remarkable Numbers

Number of customers benefiting


Total gift of necessities


Number of CEP Houses


Fund for CEP scholarships

87 billion VND

Customer Comments

“With support from CEP, my family has money to take care of our children and cure my disease. The motorbike I received from CEP is a very meaningful gift, thanks to that, my wish to have a motorbike to go to work came true.”

- Ms. Hong Hoa - a CEP customer from Nha Be Branch, receiving support from CEP - Love Sharing 2022


CEP Houses

Giving the CEP House to the poorest borrower households with extremely difficult housing conditions (temporary houses, thatched roofs, bamboo walls, etc.). The program gives priority to widows, who are the breadwinners in the family, whose relatives are seriously ill or lose their working capacity.

By August 2022, CEP has granted Houses to 1,074 customer households with a total budget of more than 32 billion VND.


CEP scholarship

Presenting CEP scholarships and learning stationery (notebooks, pens, bicycles, briefcases, etc.) to children/grandchildren of CEP borrowers from grade 1 to grade 11 and new students who are studious but whose families suffer from financial difficulties. The program gives priority to children with special circumstances such as orphans, disabled, and at high risk of dropping out of school.

By August 2022, CEP has awarded more than 354,000 CEP scholarships and study gifts with a total budget of more than 62 billion VND.



Provide rice, sugar, cooking oil, and other necessities for the poorest CEP borrower households in the community on special occasions such as holidays, and Tet...

By August 2022, CEP has awarded more than 932,000 gifts and necessities to customer households with a total budget of more than 125 billion VND.


Dilemma support

Provide financial capital for customers in cases of medical treatment, funerals, visiting customers, and emergency situations such as illness, work accident, natural disaster, or fire.

As of August 2022, CEP has supported more than 25,000 cases with a total budget of more than 4.7 billion VND.


Health insurance

Giving a voluntary health insurance card to households with difficult circumstances who do not have health insurance, are sick or at risk of disease, can access medical examination and treatment services, helping to reduce treatment costs, raise awareness of health protection, and contribute to stabilizing the life of poor customers.

By August 2022, CEP has granted more than 6,100 Health Insurance Cards to customers and relatives with a total budget of more than VND 3.7 billion.


Career development

CEP cooperates with vocational training units to provide livelihood improvement activities, job creation and learning opportunities, and experience sharing for CEP borrowers who are having difficulty in working conditions to improve the current work efficiency or switch to a new, more stable job.

By August 2022, CEP has supported more than 2,500 customers to participate in the program with a total budget of more than 1 billion VND.


CEP sunday - For environment

CEP cooperates with the People's Committees of communes/wards to organize and implement the activities "CEP Sunday - For environment" to raise the community's awareness about environmental protection, keeping the environment green and clean and improving the quality of life. The main activities of the program include: collecting and treating waste, clearing bushes, clearing streams, planting trees, raising people's awareness through loudspeakers and leaflets, attaching propaganda bulletin boards, donation of trash cans, lighting equipment, exercise for poor communities.

By August 2022, the total budget of CEP to implement the program is nearly 500 million VND.


Financial education

Through the Program "CEP Financial Education - Accompanying through difficulties", CEP provides knowledge on personal financial management to contribute to helping poor workers improve their financial skills, thereby having the capacity to evaluate and make decisions to use appropriate financial products and services, and to prevent "black credit". From October 2021, CEP implemented the Financial Education modules in videos and posted them on the CEP App and CEP's digital media channels for customers to easily participate in learning.

By August 2022, the total budget of CEP to implement the program is nearly 100 million VND.