Fragile shoulders burdened with worries

Mrs. Ong Thuy Trang

coder | 07.11.2022

Fragile shoulders burdened with worries – Mrs. Ong Thuy Trang

Le Huynh Bao Tram – Thu Dau Mot branch

The story of a poor woman life who did not accept her fate – Ong Thuy Trang

In a small alley of a working village in the hustling and bustling Thu Dau Mot city, where a poor family of three generations lived, the house was built with makeshift, rotten corrugated iron sheets, and walls borrowed from two neighbors. The only way is from the main door to the kitchen, the toilet area is a small, dark, damp space, the roof is dotted with holes and holes, and the walls are covered with patches of moss.

The first pictures of the house also show the most complete and honest about the challenging and complex situation of a family. Life starting from the house alone is enough to make people sad.

Ms. Ong Thuy Trang, 52 years old, has been a borrower of CEP for many years. She was the breadwinner in the family, and the family’s income only depended on the meager money from selling lottery tickets with the capital of CEP loans.

She also had high blood pressure, so going home every day on the roads when it was sunny and rainy was also a lot of hard work, and with the little money she tried to earn was also a lot of work. unable to cover all household expenses.

The burden of life was always on her shoulders. In addition, to earning money to feed her two children, she also took care of her 78-year-old frail elderly mother, whose eyes became blind after free cataract surgery on her left eye and sequelae of shingles. the nervous system in her right eye, causing her to suffer excruciating pain in bursts in her ears, at the top of her head, and the burning of burns all over half of her face. Every day, after every morning, going to sell lottery tickets all over the street, she rushes back to take care of lunch, medicine for Mother, and meals for her two children to finish school and go to school. , and then hurriedly continued to walk for kilometers to sell in time for the afternoon.

Two children, An and Truc, grew up in poverty, not only physically but also mentally. Losing a father is like losing a solid pillar so that the small family can get out of poverty or at least not have to worry about being hungry every meal. Every day growing up, the two brothers knew how to help their mother with the small things of the family, took care of each other, and worked hard to achieve good results in their studies. Every summer, both siblings take each other to the fake eyelash processing factory of a relative in the family to do part-time jobs and get money to buy books, notebooks, pens, and savings for the upcoming school year.

It was so hard, it was so difficult, but she still tried to rise up with a persistent and energetic will. Seeing two children An and Truc succeed step by step on their learning path is the life motivation and greatest happiness of the poor mother. The dream of the two children was just enough money to be able to continue going to school, An tried to study well in her final year in the lecture hall, and Truc also tried her best to prepare for her school. In the final years of high school and then going to university, the determination of the two children was partly because they loved their mother very much, and partly because they wanted to get out of poverty. Truc won scholarships for poor and studious students for four consecutive years from CEP.

Have heard somewhere people say to each other: “Where there is a stalemate from despair, from the tragedy of disease and poverty, their people will find the light of hope. The hopes of the future, of faith in the best…” And in the small house of this seemingly weak woman, full of extraordinary energy has shown us positive life values.

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