The silent battle of a strong man

Mr. Thai Minh Man

CEP | 07.11.2022

The silent battle of a strong man – Mr. Thai Minh Man

Ha Thi Bang Thanh – District 12 branch

Mr. Thai Minh Man was born into a large family of siblings. His family was very poor, so poor that food was hungry all year round. The day he was born, a fever caused his body to become smaller, especially his legs could not walk anymore and he could not pronounce like other people. Since then, his life has been associated with wooden crutches. Growing up, he sold lottery tickets; The wheels of the wheelchair kept rolling with him all the way.

Anh Thái Minh Mẫn
Mr. Thai Minh Man

He said: the days of the Lunar New Year are family reunions, for him, it is the season of livelihood; he had to stay up all night riding a wheelchair from District 12 to Chua Ba pagoda (Binh Duong) to sell lottery tickets; It was rare for him to welcome the new year in the atmosphere of family reunion. He knew that in order to change his fate, he had to have capital, but power was not willing. And acquaintances saw him coming; they were afraid that he would ask to borrow without paying. He was most afraid of such pitiful looks.

Just like that for more than 40 years, the wheel keeps turning and he is still undaunted, never complaining to himself or blaming God. Simple happiness also came, he married the woman of his life. She is also poor. They continued to help each other sell lottery tickets to make a living. In 2007, the birth of a beautiful son, Thai Minh Chau, was a joy for a disabled couple; but poverty was still the same, clinging to his family. Thought it was time to push, and give up, but then he met the CEP Institution through the introduction of the neighborhood. From 5 million VND as initial capital, he was able to buy a wheelchair for his wife and he had the capital to continue selling lottery tickets. Round 2, CEP supported 10 million dongs, plus accumulated money, he bought a 3-wheeled motorcycle and started roaming the streets selling laptop bags and small tools for computers and mobile phones for students in the area of ​​Industrial University 4. Loving the disabled man, the workers, the students, and even the traffic policemen also supported and helped him have a stable place to sell. So his business was getting more and more convenient, he said: “I plan to open a small shop to make trading more convenient.”

Life is like a pendulum between smiles and tears, life is not too harsh for him, and the future has smiled on him. Visiting his family in the afternoon, I felt the warmth and very peace in a family that has gone through a lot of suffering. Neat house. Household appliances such as refrigerators, televisions … are fully equipped by him with the capital of the following loans. Although he is quite busy, moving is difficult, but he is very concerned about his family; to his son’s education, so he successfully completes the school program every year. Currently, he has a savings balance of over 10 million VND at CEP. For him, that is so happy. He wishes to save money next year to buy a Japanese-made tricycle because the motorbike he is riding is a Chinese-made one, so it often breaks down.

Oh, the dreams are so simple. This is the fire, the motivation, and the belief in the silent work that CEP is doing. Looking at the daily activities of Mr. Thai Minh Man, secretly admire his patience and hard work, always takes care of and packs for the family, and is always cheerful and full of life.