Currently, the Covid-19 epidemic is basically under stable control, but the consequences still have a heavy impact on the lives of workers and poor laborers; Many families have lost loved ones, many children have lost their parents. In that context, CEP organizes the program “CEP sharing love – Together with workers and low-income members overcome difficulties due to Covid” in 2022 to continue effectively supporting workers to overcome difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with a total budget of over 14.5 billion VND. Which, the CEP Housing Program 2022 will support the construction, and repair of 114 households of CEP customers who are the poorest, with extremely difficult housing conditions with a total cost of more than 3 billion VND. The program gives priority to single female households, who are the breadwinner in the family, whose families are seriously ill or lose their working capacity.

The family of Ms. Le Thi Nan, a CEP customer at the Trung An branch receiving support for CEP House in 2022 has a particularly difficult situation. She does all kinds of jobs such as cutting thread, collecting ticks, etc. to support her family’s life. Her daughter, an eyelash processing worker, is pregnant, and her daughter-in-law works at an electric shop and is currently living with her and her three grandchildren. Her family lived in a house that was built a long time ago, with a broken corrugated iron roof, walls, and foundation that were cracked, broken, and collapsed.

When receiving support from CEP, she shared: “This is a very meaningful program for us poor people. From now on, my family has a place to shelter no matter rain or shine, and the children will have a place to study safely. I am very grateful to CEP.”

CEP Microfinance Institution will continue to be consistent with the mission of poverty reduction, effectively implement the Program “CEP – Sharing love, together with workers and low-income members overcome difficulties due to Covid”, joining hands with the Trad Unions and local authorities provide practical support for poor workers and laborers to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives.

CEP awarded House for a customer