On May 25 and 26, 2022, CEP Microfinance Institution held a training session for staff of 3 branches, namely District 10, District 6, and Tan An to prepare for the piloting of the debt management App in June.

The implementation of using the App to manage debt brings many benefits to the CEP Leader, and credit officers and optimizes the process for the system compared to the traditional debt management process through cluster leaders of CEP before: Cluster leaders and Credit Officers easily and quickly calculate the amount to be collected from customers; Easily calculate the amount paid, over/under to refund to customers; Manage the debt situation, the amount of money collected but not returned to CEP; Reduce costs, manual book procedures.

Through the method of experiencing hands-on situations, the employees participating in the training were able to master the collection and payment of money in different roles: Cluster leader, Management staff, and support staff… In addition to self-experience, outlining the benefits of applying technology to support debt management, they pointed out the limitations and practical situations that the debt management App needs to improve.

In the training session
In the training session

Ms. Kim, a staff member of the CEP Branch in District 6, shared her feelings after experiencing the training session: “The application of the debt management App not only helps cluster leaders and credit officers manage debts, effectively control the amount of unpaid money but also support the cashier and accountant in inventorying money into the fund. The data is updated uniformly from the time the Cluster Leader collects it from customers until it enters the branch’s system. Debt management app has greatly simplified the debt management and collection process.”

In June 2022, CEP Microfinance Institution will officially pilot the use of the debt management App at 3 branches in District 10, District 6, and Tan An after conducting training on using the App for cluster leaders. During the 6-month pilot period, CEP will continue to receive feedback from customers, cluster leaders, and employees to optimize the experience and aim to apply the debt management model through the App for the whole system.