CEP implemented a project in cooperation with German Technical Assistance (GTZ) to provide health insurance products to 1,500 CEP customers in Binh Chanh District and District 8. CEP cooperated with the Center Local health care and Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Agency to deploy and provide health insurance products to customers. CEP represents customers to pay the cost of initial medical examination and treatment and customers can receive free medical examination and treatment at designated Medical Centers. With the initial medical examination fee, each customer is issued a health insurance card, with this card the customer can access medical care services without paying any costs. With funding from GTZ, CEP pays for the first year’s health checkup fee for a client, about VND 80,000 to VND 120,000 per client. Therefore, in a year all customers can access benefits from the product, after this time, if customers want to continue participating, they must buy a health insurance card, and this cost will be deducted from their savings account. customers’ voluntary savings that CEP has collected in previous loans.

With this product, CEP focuses on the poor and economically vulnerable people who are unable to access public health care programs and who will benefit most from this product reducing their risks to health. health. This group of people is immigrants who do not have a household registration and cannot access public health care services. The long-term goal of the Project is to develop a long-term health insurance model between CEP, the Government Insurance Agency, and the health care unit to provide care services to the inaccessible poor.